Famous People Born On May 27

27th May born individual come under the zodiac sign of Gemini and hence are highly energetic, clever, imaginative, adaptable & witty. These individuals are easy going & full of new ideas. Spirituality is something they are fond of, but doesn’t reveal about the same. They are healthy & fitness freak. Geminis are the individuals who don’t run after money, but is driven by passion.

  • Issad Rebrab SuccessStory

    Issad Rebrab, a self-made man, is best known for running Cevital, the largest conglomerate in Algeria. It is one of the biggest sugar refineries across the globe, with an annual output of around 1½ million tons. Other than that, the group also produces margarine and veg...
  • Shantanu Narayen Success Story

    Adobe is one of those ubiquitous software technologies that’s everywhere, running literally everything. From the Youtube videos to the simplest of mobile apps, everything...

Shantanu Narayan, Issad Rebrab, Christopher Lee, Chris Dodd, Ivete Sangalo, Vincent Price – are some of the famous personalities born on 27th May & share more or less the traits of a Gemini. May 27th guys hate to be controlled by others & remain free spirited, they seek partners who can understand them & at the same time allow them with full independence. They are curious & have thirst for knowledge, innovative thinkers with an unconventional outlook.

Gemini however has some of the negative traits like superficial, impulsive, indecisive, devious & restless. They make exciting & interesting friends, these individuals make a mark among the people they meet. 27th May guys are not the one, with whom one can share his/her problems, as they tend to get depressed & don’t get bothered. At professional level, Geminis are great managers – they can control & motivate their team with their enthusiasm and vitality. They are good in persuasion & has justification of their own moves. They tend to react instantly to situation & becomes nervous very easily.