Famous People Born On August 23

The zodiac sign Virgo falls on the 23rd of August. With a great potent in leadership, they are professional in nature and are extremely loyal and devoted to the work. They have a senseful touch of positive reflection and are creative and resourceful enough. This makes them to be capable in bringing their dreams into reality. They have the ability to perceive over any type of information and can act in a right way possible.

  • Kobe Bryant: Legendary Lakers' Pointguard

    Biography Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players of the 20th century. He played for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA (National Basketball Association) for the whole of his career. He has numerous achievements to his credit. ...

Some of the famous personalities born on August 23 are Kobe Bryant, William Ernest Henley, Kenneth Arrow, Barbara Eden, Keith Moon, Louis XVI of France and Eugene Curran Kelly. They are considered to be the rulers in the planet as they have a strong sense of analytical mind and rational approach towards things. They tend to be best speakers and try to bring the positive outlook on life by eliminating the negatives behind.

People from August 23rd are so special in dealing finance related matters. Their extremely generous nature makes it a vital part for connecting with people. The love, trust and respect they maintain with their partner leads to successful and strong relationships. By promoting a healthy standard of living, the individuals are very keen to keep themselves fit. Professsion that is suitable for these kind of people is the activist in social medias, trainers and actors. When they are so fit on health, they are open to take up any kind of job like joining the armies and navy. So, that is one main reason why the health condition is noted for these people.