Famous People Born On February 22

People born on this date are known for their kindness. They are perceived to be shy but are ok with the fact that others share the limelight. One should be careful of the fact that others do not victimize them as they are more concerned about the well-being of others. They many times feel uncomfortable in their skin, and they have a strong sense of belief in what is right and what is wrong. Some of the famous personalities who belong to this birth date are the great first president of the United States of America, George Washington, Drew Barrymore, Edward Gorey, Niki Lauda and James Blunt.

  • Kyle MacLachlan Success Story

    Synopsis Kyle MacLachlan is an American film and television actor, known for films such as Blue Velvet, The Hidden and Dune and television series such as Twin Peaks, How I Met Your Mother and Desperate Housewives. ...
  • Drew Barrymore Success Story

    Profile Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler at World Premiere of Blended Movie Drew Barrymore is an American actress, model, producer, director, and author. She is the gr...

Once they have decided upon something, their stance rarely chances, even if they are presented with the beliefs and facts. They are a strong pillar of support for their friends and families. It is pretty uncommon for these people to amass a large amount of material wealth. They achieve financial stability later in life. Since these people, are generous, they should be careful that others do not take advantage of their generosity.

These people are drawn to professions that help them make positive changes in life. Medical field or nurses are excellentprofessions for them. Since these people have the ability to command respect, they make extraordinary medical officers. People who are born on this date are not very romantic, and they can show their love towards others by their acts of service. These people are fond of children and love spending time with them though it is not imperative that they have their own.