Famous People Born On August 21

People born on 21st August are born under the sun sign of Leo and sun and Jupiter are their ruling planet. Since sun is representative of power these individuals are generally very confident, sociable, imaginative and have a strong power of intuition. These people are generally very friendly and they have always the lookout for the loyalty with friends and the family. Some of the famous personalities born on 21st August are: Kim Cartell; Robert Stone ; Steve Case and so on.

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    Childhood Usain Bolt was born on 21st August, 1986 in Sherwood Content, a small town in Trelawny, Jamaica and was one of the three children of his parents. His parents used to run a grocery shop. He was enrolled at Waldensia Primary for his primary education w...

These people are generally extroverts that have helped them to gel up well with the environment and also to give them a much better base as well. These people have other aspect of their personality as well due to Jupiter being their other planet. They are usually fun loving individuals skilled and multitalented and that is the reason that they always are successful both in their personal and professional life.

People born on 21st august are generally very over reactive and they are sometimes overprotective about the people who are near and dear to them however when angry or upset these individuals tend to detach themselves from the rest of the world and become very atop from all the matters. Career wise they have bright career in terms where skilled and hardworking individuals are required. Health is also not area of concern for them and they are usually away from any major diseases. These people are the best companions as they take care of the things quite well and are very calculative.

One of the great personalities born on 21st August is Jack Buck who is one the most famous and loved sports caters and he have gained popularity through the TV within a short span of time. This personality was also awarded with the Purple cross for his distinguished service in World War II.