Famous People Born in 1989

Chinese astrology defines 1989 as the year of the snake and people whose birth has take place in this year are believed to possess the behavioral traits similar to this enigmatic animal. These people have a strong power of intuition and would rather trust their instincts rather than seek advice for making judgments. Here are some famous people born in the year 1989:

Wisdom and intelligence come naturally to them and they are also blessed with immense determination and all these qualities help these people achieve the goals they have their eyes set on. They are great thinkers and have strong communication skills, though they are not very verbal. These individuals are materialistic and desire to own the best of everything.

People born in the year feel more comfortable when they are alone, whether it is about life or work. They are stressed out by noisy environment and this can upset their personal life. Similarly, they are not willing to work with others and want to work in solitude. Additionally, they are hard working and creative, though stability in career is elusive for they love to jump from one job to another. They flourish in analytical careers such as those of scientists, investigators, astrologers, sociologists, analysts and magicians. Though they are extremely hard working, they need regular vacations and breaks to do well in career as well as enjoy good health.

The 1989 born people enjoy a closed group of friends rather than a large one because they are not very comfortable about sharing their feelings with everyone. They are careful while indulging in friendships and hate to be betrayed. In relationships, they can be extremely jealous, even obsessive, both of which are negative traits.