Famous People Born in 1985

In Chinese astrology, the personalities of people born in a particular year are studies in relation with the animal associated with that year. 1985 is regarded as the year of the ox, an animal of power and confidence. Like the ox, the 1985 born individuals are full of self assurance and patience.  Here are some famous people born in the year 1985:

They are very thoughtful and clear about things and speak in a concise manner and in measured words. They are born leaders and do not take opposition and dominance in a healthy spirit. In fact, they do not like others crossing their paths and can be very stubborn. On a positive note, when it comes to their loved ones, they can be loyal to the extent of being stubborn.

People born in 1985 are full of physical stamina as well as mental sharpness, and together, these qualities make them an exemplary and successful combination. They have the ability to march ahead with hard work and patience and seldom give up on a task till it reaches its completion. They are also deft at working with hands and attain success in the careers like surgery, army, business and construction.

Like every coin has two sides, there are some negative traits in the personalities of 1985 born people. Superficially, they seem to be easy going, but they can be very dogmatic in attitude. Things come in black and white for them and are never grey, no matter how well others try to convince them.