Famous People Born in 1962

In Chinese astrology, 1962 is regarded as the year of the tiger and the people whose birth year is 1962 have the behavioral attributes similar to this strong and fierce animal. Like the tiger, these individuals are full of courage and self confidence, seldom dissuaded by challenges of any kind. Here are some famous people born in the year 1962:

These people are bold in attitude and have the ability to express themselves with great authority, though this can sometimes make them appear bossy and high handed. They possess natural charm and are loved by the people around them. Unpredictability is another quality that is found in these people, but at the same time, they can be irritable and impetuous.

The people born in the year 1962 make great leaders because of their indomitable zeal and confidence, but sometimes they tend to get stubborn in their manner. They hate to work under others and would rather lead than follow. Their love for challenges, rather than the quest for power and money, is something that fuels them to give their best. Overall, the people with tiger personalities enjoy robust health and are interested in sports, because they carry immense energy and enthusiasm wherever they go and in whatever they do.

The 1962 born people enjoy the position of dominance in their careers as well as relationships. They do well in the careers which require leadership, as in going into the professions of managers, musicians, writers, pilots, actors and artists. On the relationships side, they are not very good at social interactions because of their dominating attitude. In love, they are more into adventure than romance and require someone to match with them.