Famous People Born in 1942

The year 1942 is seen as the year of the horse according to the Chinese astrology and people born in this year are believed to possess the personality traits of this majestic animal. These people are active and full of energy and love to be the center of attention in social gatherings. They love to socialize with people and have an excellent sense of humor, standing out wherever they go. They have a positive attitude towards life and are ready to face challenges with courage and will power.Here are famous people born in the year 1942:

People born in the year 1942 are diligent workers and possess good communication skills. These people are very amiable and pleasant to be with. Their quick wit is another positive quality that makes them understand the needs of others even without their having to say anything. Leadership and decision making comes naturally to them and they would rather do things their own way than take orders from the others. Being extroverts in nature, they do best in the careers which involve interaction with people such as those of journalists, translators, salesmen, performer, librarian and tour operator.

They are socially popular and good at making friends. Their good humor and easy nature makes them great for relationships too, though they can be a little cunning and self centered at times. They try to show intelligence on the surface, but lack genuine confidence at the core. At the same time, people born in 1942 possess the innate quality of helping others be comfortable with them.