Famous People Born in 1937

The birth year of a person has a direct influence on his personality and behavior and this is not just about astrology, but a proven fact as we see people born in the same year exhibit similar character traits. According to Chinese astrology, 1937 is the year of the ox and people born in this year, have an exceptionally high confidence level and are extremely self-assured. They are born leaders and very loyal to their friends and loved ones. However, make sure that you never provoke an ox personality because they tend to become aggressive in such circumstances.Here are some famous people born in the year 1937:

The people with 1937 as the birth year have the virtues of patience and thoughtfulness. They are very concise and clear about what they speak and usually do it at the right moment. They often see things as black and white and there are no grey areas for them. They can be quite dogmatic and hard to convince, for which the other would need a real solid argument. Another characteristic of such people is their sharp memory and ability to recall things which have happened long ago.

One of the best qualities of people born in 1937 is that they have great physical stamina, which coupled with mental sharpness, makes them good at accomplishing the toughest and most tiring tasks. They have deft hands and great leadership qualities. Together with their patience, these qualities make these people successful in their careers, mostly in areas like medicine, armed forces and business.