Famous People Born On September 17

With the zodiac sign Virgo, people born on 17th of September have a different way for handling situations by staying strong and humble at all times. Great at problem solving and seriously emotional in nature, they are health conscious in particular. They are loyal and dedicated when it comes with maintaining relationships. By being really humble and down to earth, their way of perception is totally different that can lead to hilarious situation too.

Some of the famous personalities born on September 17th are Narendra Modi, George Blanda, Bernhard Riemann, Atlaf Hussain, Agostinho Neto, Hank Williams, John Ritter, M.F.Hussain and Rita Rudner. Blessed with a lot of energy and supreme health, the individuals are resourceful, friendly and compassionate in nature. Their innate skills in problem solving with a persistent control make them to be strong enough in handling the problems.

The people on September 17th are with utmost loyalty and sincerity when it comes to handling the relationships. They are totally caring and loving enough with their partner by understanding their deep emotions. Their immense skills in running an organization give them the ability to motivate others. Energetic at all times, they try to maintain a proper sleep routine and have healthy eating habits too. Their profession lies in organizing people and hence they will be mentoring people.

When they are experts on leadership skills, do you think they will be an entrepreneur ? Well, yes, they had loved to be an entrepreneur! They have good control over activities and they merge with people on a good way.