Famous People Born On July 15

As per astrology, 15th July born people are optimistic as well as very inspirational persons. They come under the zodiac sign of cancer. Astrologically, their ruling planet is moon. People born on this date are well known for their warm heart, enthusiastic behavior. They are very positive people and have the ability to influence other people in and around them. Some of the famous people born on 15th July are: David Miliband, Jesse Ventura, Taylor Kinney and so on.

They are also having intense intuition, excellent imagination and observational skills which help them in their every phase of their life. People born on 15th July love family gatherings and has very tight bonding with their family. They give priority to their family.

People born on 15th July are self reliant and they are very determined people. They set their goals in their life and believe on themselves. They like to achieve their success and tried hard to reach their desired goal. These people have the nature of helping others in their problems. People born on this date have a better understanding of the significance of harmonics of day to day relationships in their lives. Though these people are very sensitive yet they are very strong minded which helps them to face any challenges which comes to their lives.

These people have the attraction to the beauty in all its aspects and for that reason they want to replicate it in their own lives. People born on 15th July have a very charming personality. They can attract people towards them very easily and has a strong believe in themselves which is the key for their success.

One of the famous people born on 15th July is Lana Parrilla. She was born on this particular date in 1977. She is an American actress and is best known for her roles in radio and television. She acted in fifth season of ABC sitcom Spin City, Boomtown, Windfall and many more.