Famous People Born On May 11

People born on 11th May come under zodiac sign Taurus. The astrological ruling planets for this date are Mars and Venus. Mars is responsible them for giving energy, anger and instinct while Venus is responsible for love, affection and romance. Personality wise they are loyal and tolerant. They are extremely devoted to people who have caring behavior for them. Some famous people born on this day are Donald Bren, Anthony Pratt, Judy Garland, Andres Iniesta and Bill Ackman.

  • Andres Iniesta Success Story

    Biography Andrés Iniesta is a professional footballer and is the central midfielder for FC Barcelona and the Spanish National Team. ...
  • Anthony Pratt Success Story

    Born in 1960, Anthony Pratt serves as the global chairman for Pratt or Visy Industries, one of the biggest privately owned paper, packaging and recycling businesses in the world. His father, Richard Pratt, was a magnate in the manufacturing industry, and also the president of ...
  • Donald Bren Story

    Synopsis Real estate sector is the one line that never seems to go out of business and one of the very first people to have understand this mantra is Donald Bren. One of the most famous real estate entrepreneurs in the world, Bren started out small and even took a ...

They show great concern for home and personal life, so their family members and friends appreciate their efforts of caring.Like the typical Taurus people they show firm will-power, stability and robust character as only they possessive element of earth. Also, they are very practical and realistic in nature. People born on this day possess a very special characteristic of their ground to earth nature.

They are overcautious people and sometimes because of their over-cautiousness their natural ability of dealing things get hampered. On the health front, these people need to guard asthma and other infections. They also need to take a conscious effort to keep their health in check also. On the financial front, they are very comfortable from an early age in life. As they deserve Taurus inherent characteristics, they achieved a higher level of success in their field.

In career related matters their strong will power and patience so they achieve the desired result in the career. When it comes to money matter, they take it seriously and earn it comfortably. They like to spend money on luxury.