Famous People Born On December 8

The 8th December is a special day where the people born on this date, as per zodiac sign is a Sagittarius are open-minded and restless. You are most honest with others and speak frankly. You are assertive and confident. You have interest on various things. Jupiter is the ruling planet for this zodiac sign. Individual get success in their field of work. Some of the famous people born on 8th December are Diego Rivera, Jim Morrison, Kim Basinger, Ian Somerhalder and Nickie Minaj.

  • Nicki Minaj Success Story

    Known for her unique style and explicit lyrics Nicki Minaj is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and actress. She is a global icon with millions and millions of fans. She has numerous records to her credit. When one looks at Nicki all one sees is a young, dynam...
  • "You have to always look ahead, always be positive. It's your choice, your destiny. You have to enjoy life but still have a personal social responsibility, but I won't have any criteria imposed from outside, from my peers, Wall Street, quarterly results. I like to...

Your prime motive is getting best out of the various alternatives in the world. You are straight forward nature. You are ready to tackle any kind of situation. These people have big plan on their life, since they dream big. You love to face new opportunities. Your relationship will be fun and dynamic. Individual have a good attitude about life.

Individuals are seeking for relaxed and creative partners. Their lucky colour is purple. You influenced by planet mars. You have to take care of your health seriously. Your career based on your own interest and salary requirement. You spend more money, it should avoid. You have a successful career as an actor, ball players and entertainer. Some of your decisions may not come right, so don’t worry about it.