Famous People Born On November 6

Persons born on 6th November are pigeonholed to be Scorpio who is respected for their uniqueness. These personalities have unique characteristic such as helping nature, commitment to relationship, responsibility and in maintaining a balanced life. It is noticeable to see personalities like Glen Frey, Emma Stone, Laurene Powell, Jerry Yang and Conchita Wrust share the same zodiac sign and date of birth.

  • Emma Stone Success Story

    The determination to win against all odds is exemplified by Emma Stone. Now a popular and successful film actress and television personality, there was a time when Stone had to convince her parents that she was meant for a career in the movies. She is the creativity at its bes...
  • Laurene Powell Success Story

    Synopsis She is devoted to charity, embraces philanthropy and has a 7 billion dollar trust that makes her the richest woman in Silicon Valley. Her “can do” attitude and love for humanity has changed the life of millions. She is Laurene Powel...
  • Jerry Success Story

    As one of the founders of a leading Internet company that dominated both search and online advertising during the late 1990s, Jerry Yang’s story has a lot to guide, inspire, and teach young entrepreneurs. The co-founder of ...

To turn on the other side of the coin these personalities have a negative unique quality of controlling and dominating and are not that kind enough. At the same time we have to accept them to be a good team player who value others ideas and suggestions.

They have their success stories in different arena of work as singer, actress, business women, co- founder of Yahoo and singer respectively. Their traits like strong mind to achieve, determination to excel, and creativity make magic in their career and life.

Scorpions are little romantic, like people, enjoy life and most importantly love shopping. Ideal career options for persons born on 6th November are related to the field such as Music, media entertainment and counseling. These people have the ability to overcome any obstacle coming their way and lead a healthy life.