Famous People Born On May 3

People born on 3rd may belong to the zodiac sign of Taurus as per astrology. People born this are destined with financial bliss. They have a positive approach to their life. They are very expressive people. They can express their ideas and thoughts very well. They are determined and resilient people and are patient. Their patient level is beyond to the expectations. Usually they are very straightforward and have a high tolerance capability. They have the habit of learning from their mistakes. Even they like to share their mistakes so that others don’t make the same mistakes. Some of the famous people born on 3rd May are: David H. Koch, Irene Rosenfield, James Pettinson and so on.

  • Irene Rosenfeld Success Story

    Profile Irene Blecker Rosenfeld is an American corporate executive, chairwoman and CEO of Mondelez International. ...
  • Akio Toyoda Success Story

    Synopsis Akio Toyoda is the acting CEO & President of Toyota Motor Corporation. He is the grandson of the great Kiichiro Toyoda, the man behind the foundation of Toyota Motor. ...
  • David H. Koch Success Story

    Synopsis David Hamilton Koch is the co-owner and the executive vice president of Koch Industries along with his brother Charles Koch. Besides being a philanthropist and an activist, Koch is a chemical engineer. At Koch, he owns 42% of the company. Childh...

People born on 3rd May are usually very friendly and intelligent people. They are popular among their friends due to their attractive personality. Their charming insightfulness which are radiated from their face helps to make friends easily. They are very arm hearted, sociable and fairly approach. Their concern for other people is very strong..They are very creative mind people and bring creativity in their life. They are very practical. People born on 3rd May are also well known for their charming nature.

They are assumed to intelligent and forward looking people. They are very articulate and have the ability to influence other people. They are bestowed on persistent and optimistic nature and excellent communication skills. They reflect their spiritual and moral nature in their attitude. They are fond of natural beauty and want to spend their leisure time with the nature.

One of the famous people born on 3rd May is Sugar Ray Robinson who is considered as one of the greatest American professional boxers of all the time. He was the first boxer to win a divisional world championship for five times. He was born on 3rd May 1921.He held the world welterweight title from 1946 to 1951.