Famous People Born On August 1

According to the astrology, people born on 1st August come under the zodiac sign of Leo. The ruling planet for them is the Sun. Therefore, they reflect a higher intensity of warmth and friendliness. People born on this date are very charming, responsible and creative people. They are born as natural leader. They are blessed with great leadership quality and influencing power. They can easily motivate people in their own was. Due to their charming personality, people are attracted towards them very easily. Some of the famous people born on 1st August are Miguel Krigsner, Ray Dalio, David Hains and so on.

People born on 1st August are stylish and possess capability to impress people by their mere presence. Generally, people born on 1st august are self sufficient .They are capable enough to do their own work. They are self reliant and don’t depend on others to accomplish their task. They want to complete their task in their own style.

People born on 1st August have independently different spirit. They have a great will power and strong determination. These people are able to reach their goal in spite of all difficulties they face in their life. Due to their great determination they are able to achieve any kind of purpose. They are independent in their views and ideas. Moreover, one important characteristic of people born on this that they have a great passion to do something for their country. These people also have the natural ability to become a leader. As they have a great passion for their country, usually people born on 1st August are more inclined to political career.

One of the famous people born on 1st August is Ackquille Jean Pollard. He was born on this date in the year 1994 in Florida. He is better known by his stage name Bobby Shmurda. He is an American rapper from Newyork .He is famous for his popular song “Hot Nigga’’, released in 2014.