Famous People From Hong Kong

Hong Kong is located in Eastern Asia at theborder of South China Sea and China. The Cantonese language is spoken by the majority of people. Other spoken languages are Mandarin and English. The main religion in Hong Kong is Chinese folk religion which is a combination of Buddhism and Taoism. Others are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Jews. Christianity is gaining popularity among youth and college students.

The only group of people which takes the form of caste is the Boat people which is agroup of Fisherfolk. They were treated badly and humiliated. Most of them now mix up with rest of people. People have less interest in farming and fishing. Their employment comes from manufacturing and service industries, transportation, communication, and construction. They produce things mainly to export. There is a vast gap between rich and poor in Hong Kong. So Economic inequality is there. Hong Kong has a rich food culture. As there is diversity in foods including Italian, Japanese, American, French and local flavor Cantonese style Chinese food.

This beautiful country has many experts in fields such as technology, science, literature and films. The world-famous action hero Jackie Chan action belongs to this country. His movies are still admired by most of the movie buffs till now. He has won a number of awards in different categories for his excellent work in films.

There are modern health care facilities in Hong Kong called as “Western Medicine.” But many people choose traditional alternatives as acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Moxibustion in which burning leaves are placed on the skin to cure the disease.

Membership in elite clubs is a trademark of status in Hong Kong. Wealthy people afford these, and their lifestyle includes luxurious facilities. Spitting here and there, not standing in line such habits exhibiting person treat as a new immigrant.

Crime is low in Hong Kong with little vandalism. Corruption is rare, but some people are involved in organized crime, smuggling of narcotics and piracy of software.