Famous People From Chile

Chile is located in southwest South America with its capital at Santiago. Its official language is Spanish though some people speak Aymara and Mapudungun. Chile is the most modern country in Latin America. The people of Chile are addressed as Chileans. The majority of Chileans are associatedwith Roman Catholic Church. Some are affiliated with Protestants groups belonging to Pentecostal church. Others are Jews, Muslims and Greek Orthodox.

Chileans don’t discriminate society on the basis of racism but on the basis of class. Many people overreact and continuously think traditional class division based system termed as lower, middle and upper. Chileans are so class based, even in their speech they predominantly lay importance to the higher class. High-class people are dominated by the speech. They are so speech conscious that the slightest mistakes in speech and their social background fall into another category. The main occupation of Chileans are agriculture, fish processing, and forestry. Other sources of occupation are mineral and metal industry, wood products, transport equipment and textiles.

The people from this country have made contribution in fields such as Medical, Technology, Science, Automobile and Business. Gabriela Mistral who won Noble Prize for her literary work in the year 1945 belongs to this country. She won the prize for her beautiful poetry that inspired a lot of literature lovers across the globe.

Chileans most color full and worldwide popular festival is La Tirana celebrated for 30 days in July. In this festival, Chileans wear colorful costumes, devil masks and dance on streets. Chile has low levels of poverty. So they are more conscious of giving proper education to their children. As a rule, parents are advised to arrange appropriate finance to better education of their children. People are alover of poetry and paintings. In Chilean literature poetry has an important place. They also enjoy traditional folk music and dance.