Famous People Born in Ohio

In the United States of America, Ohio is that location which is highly exquisite for everyone to visit. It is a marvellous destination to experience fun and excitement. There are so many things, places, locations which the people who visit here never forget due to its precious charm. It is that Midwestern state of US which is full or passion. The places here will make your each and every moment memorable through its exciting sites and enjoyable locations. The people here are full of fun and affection. This place has alluring landscapes, huge range of exotic locations that will make you fall for this state; its beauty and its hospitable people.

Here numerous great personalities and legendary stars were born such as world famous director Steven Spielberg who filled the Hollywood industry with numerous legendary movies which everyone adores a lot, famous actress Sarah Jessica Parker, amazing basketball player LeBron James, famous actress Alyson Stoner, remarkable author Joseph Vitale, famous T.V. star Anne Beau Cox Chambers, excelling racer Roger Penske, famous business man Jeffrey Immelt, politician Donna Shalala, famous basket ball player Stephen Curry, politician Kathleen Sebelius etc.

Ohio is an amazing location to have fun and make most moments of your life memorable. The world famous Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is that place which is so popular that it has become most visited tourist location in the entire world. The attraction and temptation range of this state is infinite. People feel happy and delightful from their heart and soul when they visit this place.