Famous People Born in New South Wales

New South Wales is a state in Australia, which is bordered by Queensland in the north, Victoria to the south, Tasmanian sea to the east and south Australia to the west. This state was a former British colony along with Newzealand, South Australia and a few other states. This state contributes around 31 percentage of the country's GDP. The economy of this state continues to grow because of the private business investment during 2012-13 was recorded to be 58 billion dollars. This is a comparatively big state with nation's 1/3 of the population living in New South Wales.

  • Michael Clarke Success Story

    Synopsis Michael Clarke a name that the entire of Australia cheers for. He had proved his mettle when playing against the world class teams like India and South Africa in the recent past. People and the cricket authorities back in the country are more than happy wi...
  • Hugh Jackman Success Story

    Childhood Hugh ‘Michael’ Jackman was born on October 12, 1968 at Sydney, New South Wales. He went to Pymble Public School where he did his primary education. Next he went to the Knox Grammar School where he participated in the play &lsq...

Michael Huge Jackman is an actor with a net worth of about 100 million dollars. Initially, he was not interested in acting. He started his career in acting when he played a major role in the play called The memorandum at the Sydney University of Technology. Shortly after that, he graduated from the same university with a degree in communications in the year 1991. He went further to the Actors Centre in Sydney to pursue a one- year course to take up acting as his career. The initial success which he achieved inspired him to enter into the field of acting.

Another man who rightfully deserves a mention when we talk about the famous celebrities in New South Wales is Michael Clarke. He is a sense of pride for Australians and a thing of envy for other countries when he is on the court to play cricket. This is because he along with his team give a tough competition to those who play with Australia.