Famous People Born in New jersey

New Jersey is considered to be an alluring and breath- taking garden for the history as well as genealogy. The American history is connected through this place as the first ever colonies were made here. It is even having numerous nick names given by the happy visitors here and one which is recognizable famous is the garden state. There are varied T.V shows on this state as well such as Jersey Shore, The Sopranos, The Real Housewives of New Jersey etc. and many more. This state believes in growing the food in their gardens and for this purpose the vegetable that are very famous are tomatoes and sweet corns.

Here numerous famous personalities were born such as famous author Janet Schneider, business woman Laurene Powell, famous actor Jack Nicholson, actress Mary Streep, the business man Charles Steward Mott, famous female football player Carli Lloyd, the politician Chris Christie, actor John Travolta, the basketball player David West, the singer Bruce Springsteen etc. These people gave a lot to the world by their passion.

New Jersey teaches everyone around the world to be real and original. You need to be unique and independent and free. While you will visit or search about other cities, you will observe glamour and fame but here you will come across peace and love with simple; graceful living. The people here consider that everything must be done with heart and affection; only then the world will become a better place to live and not just survive.