Famous People Born in Kentucky

Kentucky is one of the four states which was constituted as a commonwealth, state along with Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. The soil in Kentucky is fecund and we can find bluegrass or smooth meadow grass everywhere in this state. It is nicknamed as the bluegrass state because of this. In the list of the most populous states, it is 26th among America's 50 states. Nature has gifted this place with abundant natural resources which make it a fertile land. It is famous for refining Bourbon whiskey. They are the second largest producers of tobacco next to North Carolina.

  • Johnny Depp Success Story

    “I like the challenge of trying different things and wondering whether it's going to work or whether I'm going to fall flat on my face.” Johnny Depp is an American actor famous for his lead role in the film series, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean&...
  • Abraham Lincoln SuccessStory

    Synopsis Known for his incredible leadership skills, fantastic speeches, and incredibly sharp political abilities, Abraham Lincoln is one of the Western world’s most well-known and widely respected political leaders. The 16th President of the Unite...

When you are feeling dejected you would need to boost your morale to bring yourself back to the spirits. Reading success stories of great people will help you to realize the fact that failures are the stepping stone to success. One such great person is Abraham Lincoln. He was a man who worked very hard to climb the ladder of social status. He was even devoid of any formal education who was able to become a successful lawyer because of self- education and efforts. He was a great Orator and a highly talented lawyer.

Another eminent person born in Kentucky is Jhonny Depp. Whoever hears this name it rings a bell because he has acted in many box office hit films like Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in wonderland, Etc. He is a highly paid actor and one of the shining stars in the Hollywood. He is a person who wanted to try his luck in the music field. After a lot of failed attempts, he got into movies which have earned a lot of fame for him.