Famous People Born in Baltimore

Baltimore is the city with an attractive harbor, which is the second largest harbor in the mid- Atlantic region. It has received a lot of immigrants to this place during the 19th century, which made it the second major port which has welcomed the guests to this place. Francis Scott Key, who wrote American National Anthem is born here and it has many other gems who are born here. The most celebrated and well known Olympic medalist Michael Phelps and basketball player Babe Ruth are the other renowned celebrities born in this city.

  • Nancy Pelosi Success Story

    Profile Nancy Pelosi is the first woman in the history of the U.S. to hold the post of the Speaker of the House. Pelosi served as the Democratic Leader in the U.S. House during 2007 and 2011. ...
  • Michael Phelps Success Story

    Synopsis Everyone knows that Olympics are the pinnacle of a sportsman’s achievements. Then imagine this athlete who has won 22 Olympic medals and 18 of them gold. This is Michael Phelps for you, who has achieved beyond everyone’s wildest imagination. Bu...
  • Babe Ruth Success Story

    Babe Ruth is an American baseball player considered by many as one of the greatest sportsman that ever lived. He set numerous records in baseball including the number of home runs (714), slugging percentage (.690), bases on balls (2,062), and on-base plus slugging (OPS) (1.164...

The economy of Baltimore id bolstered by the shipping industry, steel processing and automobile manufacturing industry. Almost 97 percent of the contribution to the economy is from the service sector. In spite of these factors, 37% of the children live a poor life.

Michael Phelps-the Olympic medalist who has earned a name for himself in the field of swimming is born in Baltimore. He has won 18 gold medals in the Olympic games, which is an unimaginable feat for any sportsman. Another source of pride for this city is the world's first woman speaker of the house- Nancy Pelosi. Prior to this, she was the Democratic leader of the US house of representatives.

The well known National book award winner Ta-Nehisi is born in Baltimore. He is a writer who writes about racism. He got the award for his book Between the world and me. Bebe Ruth-One of the best sportsman this world has ever seen lived in Baltimore. He was a famous baseball player.