Famous People Born in Alabama

Apart from rich culture and heritage, Alabama has raised a lot of successful people who had set an excelling example for others to follow. A lot of famous people of Alabama have made important contributions to the history of the nation and the state of Alabama. These well-known Americans, renowned entertainers, renowned players, renowned scientist, prominent singers, and statesmen, well-known women, heroes as well as great explorers, and other fabulous Americans have all made Alabama their domicile.

Tuscaloosa, also known as Tuskalusa, Tastaluca, Tuskaluza was a highest chief of a Mississippian chiefdom in the U.S. state of Alabama. His citizens were probably ancestors to the more than a few southern Native American confederacies who later appeared in the region. The modern city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama is named for him.

This city is famous for Literature because a lot of contribution for philanthropy comes from Boston. Helen Keller was an author, and political activist, as well as lecturer. She was deaf and blind person still she earned Bachelor of Arts degree due to her hard work. Apart from these people there were many other famous celebrities born here such as the athlete Carlton Lewis, entrepreneur Jimmy Wales, the business man Tim Cook, the football player Mia Hamm, the athlete Jesse Owens, actor Channing Tatum, politician Condoleezza Rice, Rugby player Ken Stabler, an author Harper Lee and many more. This place has given some amazing talented people to the world who are recognized by everyone.