Famous Companies From Russia

Russia is considered to be the most highest-income mixed economy with state ownership in strategic areas of the economy because of their abundance of oil, precious metals, and natural gas it is also strong due to the increasing segments in computers, pharmaceutical, medical, aerospace and much more.

  • Mail.Ru

    Obstacles should never stop you from reaching your way to success. Mail.Ru, a Russian internet giant is known for operating some of the most popular social networking sites. But gaining popularity in its home country was not enough and that made th...
  • Yandex

    Can you imagine Google having a rival? It does have one this comes as a surprise to many. Yandex is one of Russia’s top Internet giants and can be considered as Russian version of Google. Arkady Volozh started out as a humble tradesman, but d...
  • Lukoil

    We must balance conspicuous consumption with conscious capitalism. Lukoil is the second largest oil company in Russia. It is also the second largest producer of oil in the world. Lukoil is headquartered in Moscow, Russia. In terms of oil and gas rese...

  • Gazprom

    During the World War II, the Soviet Union created a gas industry that centralized gas exploration, distribution and development within the Ministry of Gas Industry. Reserves in Siberia, Ural and the Volga regions were discovered in the 1970s and 19...

Russia's economy is rated as the 12th most innovative in the entire world. There are many companies in Russia they are Gazprom, Yandex, Lukoil, Mail.Ru, Zeptolab, Vkontakte and much more.

There are three types of business entity in Russia. These are limited liability companies, Joint-Stock Companies (JSCs) and partnerships. The first two are joint-stock companies owned by their shareholders and have limited liability. Russia is considered as one of the best suitable countries to do business because it is the largest country in the world and it is the prime location for investment.

The country is also a highest educated consumer market. One of the main advantages of doing business in Russia is that they enjoy greater flexibility in decisions to expand their assets or to expand fresh products.

The ranking of Russia advantages for business is definitely suitable for business as they are considered with different factors such as innovation, taxes, property rights, technology, corruption, freedom such as trade, personal and financial, fiscal, stock market performance, investor protection and much more. Russia boasts one of the most dynamically developing and attractive economies in the world and hence it is suitable to start the business in this country.