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As a successful Industrialist, Mr. Narayana Murthy delivers many speeches and guides millions of young people by taking part in various interactive sessions throughout the world. In all his speeches he calls out to everybody to understand the secret of success.

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Infosys Chairman Narayana Murthy Speech at Columbia Business School

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Usually, people are chained by their own mind and mindset. According to him,the mind is the processing machine which makes a decision and mindset is the one's own belief about something. For example, the mind sets goals and target for achieving a particular thing. It is the mindset is a gridlock which cripples people from progressing towards the goal.

If we have a positive mindset we can make headway smoothly towards achieving the predetermined goal. It is the self-possession or a positive conviction about oneself, which makes a wonderful leader. Pessimism has no place in a leader's mind. All he has to do is to walk ahead of these prophets of dooms and show his team(company) the way to success.