John Schnabel Photos

GoldRush John in His Childhood

Big Nugget Mine Share Holder John Schnabel in His High School Days

John at Gold Mining

John Schnabel in front of his Willy Engine in 1934

In His Early Life John was Served in Navy Too

John Started Haines and Lumber Company with His Father in Alaska

John Schnabel in His Early Life Playing Guitar

John Schnabel with The Gold Collected From His Gold Mining

John on His 95th Birthday

John Donating Money to the Boys Scouts in 2001

John Schnabel with His Car in 1935

John Explaining Kids about How to Pan for Gold

Johns Schnabel with Some of the Visitors and John Explaining Panning of Gold

John Schnabel doing Gold Panning

John with Some of the visitors From Texas

John Using His Facebook in His PC

Young John with His Sisters Margaret and Mary

John Schnabel with His Family

John Schnabel with His Son and Grandsons

John Schnabel with His Wife Erma Schnabel

John with His Grandson Parker Schnabel

John and Parker at Gold Mine

Grandpa of Goldrush with His Grandson

John Schnabel and Parker Schnabel Boarding into a Chopper

John wife Erma Schnabel with Deacon and Ray Menaker

Erma Schnabel Watching His Grandson Parker's Gold Panning

Parker Schnabel with His Grandpa John

John Schnabel with His Son Roger Schnabel

John with His Son Roger and Grandsons

John on His 96th Birthday with Grandsons Parker Schnabel and Payson Schnabel