Microsoft Founder Bill Gates Photos

Bill Gates in Childhood

Bill Gates in his high school days

Dancing Bill Gates

Young Gates

Microsoft Co-Founders Paul Allen and Bill Gates

Bill Gates working on MS Excel

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett

World's Richest Persons

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett playing

Steve Jobs with Bill Gates

Bill Clinton and Bill Gates

Gates Showing Windows OS Package

Bill Gates showing Windows 3.0

Bill Gates with Jay Leno at the Windows 95 launch

Microsoft's Bill Gates holds up a copy of Windows XP in New York's Times Square

Bill Gates at Xbox device launching

Microsoft's Bill Gates, Robbie Bach play guitar with Slash at CES keynote address

Gates with Dwayne Johnson at Xbox launch

Barack Obama shaking hands with Bill Gates

Bill Gates with Steve Ballmer in 1980's

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO with Bill Gates

Bill Gates taking ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Bill Gates Ice Bucket Challenge

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg with Bill Gates

Bill Gates during his Africa Tour

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Bill Gates

Gates in his India tour

Bill Gates House in Washington, USA

Bill Gates Large Mansion

Bill Gates House Overall Look

Bill Gates Luxurious Home

Bill Gates House Tour

Bill Gates Mansion

Bill Gates House in Washington

Bill Gates House Inside View

Bill Gates Lavish House

Bill Gates New Home in Wellington

Bill and Melinda Gates Luxurious Mansion

Bill Gates Home Interior View

Modern Kitchen

What a view he can have from here

Luxurious Bed Room

Ultra Grand Staircase

Lake at His House

Digital Acquarium

Home Theater in House

A Beautiful room for guests

William Henry Bill Gates Wife Melinda

Bill Gates with His Father William H. Gates Sr.

Bill Gates with His Parents Wiiliam and Mary Maxwell Gates

Bill Gates with his parents on his wedding day

Bill and Melinda on their wedding

Bill Gates with wife Melinda Gates

Bill and Melinda Gates with Queen Elizabeth

Bill Gates with his wife and daughters

Warren Buffett with Bill Gates and Bill's Father William Gates Sr.

Bill Gates established Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for their charities

Melinda gates with her husband at Olympics

Bill Gates with his sister Kristina Gates and Parents

Bill and Melinda with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki

Bill with his another sister Libby Gates during Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation opening

Bill Gates daughter Jennifer Katharine Gates

Melinda Gates with her daughter Phoebe Adele Gates

Paul Farmer with Bill , Melinda their son Rory John Gates and daughters

Bill Gates Porsche

911 Porsche Convertible

Porsche 959 Coupe

Porsche 930 Turbo

Gate owns Private Jet