Jim C. Walton Photos

Jim Walton sister Alice Walton

Jim Walton Father Sam Walton

Jim Walton Brother S. Robson Walton

Jim Walton Mother Helen Walton

Jim Walton Uncle James

Jim Walton cousin Nancy Walton Laurie

Rob, Alice and Jim Walton presenting Sam Walton Entrepreneur of the year award

Jim with Alice Walton and Robson Walton

Jim with sister Alice and brother Rob at Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Jim Walton With His Sister Alice Walton

Jim and Alice

Alice and Jim Walton, at a black tie gala celebrating the opening of Alice’s art museum

Hollywood Actor Hugh Jackman shaking hands with Jim Walton

Walton Heirs Jim, Alice and Rob

Jim with his brothers John, Rob and Mother Helen Walton

Jim, Rob and Alice Walton at the 2015 Wal-Mart annual meeting in Fayetteville

Walton Brothers Jim and Ronbson

Young Jim Walton with Parents Sam and Helen, brothers John and Rob and with Sister Alice

Jim Walton's Brother Late John T. Walton

Lesley Smith with Jim, Rob and Alice

Jim Walton House

Jim Walton's House

Jim Walton's house in East Hampton

Living room

Luxurious Furniture in the house

An exit to outside of the house

Kitchen in Jim Walton House

Guests room

Bed room

Beautiful Wash room

Outside view and swimming pool of the house

Beautiful view of mountains from his house