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Zaha M. Hadid, a world famous architect icon was born on 31st of October 1950 in Baghdad,Iraq. She moved to London in 1972 to pursue higher studies in architecture after completing her studies in mathematics form American University in Beirut. She has her own firm in London and has designed and built many famous buildings..

Zaha Mohammad Hadid Childhood

Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid Childhood in Baghdad

Zaha Hadid Childhood

Zaha Hadid in 1970s

Zaha Hadid and Margaret Thatcher in 1984

Zaha Hadid Receiving Jane Drew Prize

Zaha Hadid with Pharrell Williams at Glamour Women of the Year Awards

Hadid honored with The Pritzker Award

Dr. Hubert Burda awards Zaha Hadid with the Aenne Burda Award

The Vitra Fire Station Designed By Zaha Hadid

Maxxi National Museum in Rome

The Phaeno Science Center in Wolfsberg

The Aquatic Center in London 2012 was Constructed By Zaha Hadid

Heydar Aliyev Center in Azerbaijan

Sky SOHO is A Construction Beauty By Zaha Hadid

Opus Building in Dubai

Zaha Hadid Mark's On University of Oxford

Honeycomb Housing Complex in Mexico

Zaha Hadid's Architect Beauty, Sleuk Rith Institute

Residential Towers on Brisbane Riverfront

Tallest Skyscraper in Scandinavia

Fancy Water Fountains in London

Qatar World Cup Stadium

Spaceship Model of Olympic Stadium in Tokyo

CMA CGM Tower, France

Bridge Pavillion By Zaha Hadid

The Jockey Club Innovation Tower

Sheikh Zayed Bridge in Abu Dhabi

Bergiselschanze in Austria

BMW Central Building, Germany

Lilium, Poland

Hadid at the Architectural Association in 1983

Remembering her memories from her fabulous childhood, Zaha said that Math was a part of her daily activity. Along with Math, she also use to listen to the music, read books and draw photos. Her parents were the one who taught her discovering new things and told her that science and creativity go hand in hand. She also remembers that how her career choice has become a topic of discussion in her family.

Looking at the photos of the great mosque of Cordoba, she thinks that it was the most stunning space and has left a wonderful impression on her. The work which she has done on a leisure club known as “The Peak Project” is the one which gives a lot of satisfaction to her. Though she believed that every project which she has done gives her satisfaction in a different way and all the projects were very exciting.

A liberal and cosmopolitan atmosphere in her education, as well as great contact with all kind of cultural inspirations, has influenced her a lot. As an architect, she acknowledges her love and affection for Russian architectural philosophy and art movement, since the time she was a student.