Famous Teachers

A Teacher is an academician, who takes up the profession of imparting knowledge to the students & provides education. Teachers not only teaches, but also simultaneously acts as a guide to his students. Teachers are typically well qualified in their area of specialization. Some Teachers hold simply a master's degree or a professional degree such as an MD as their highest degree. Here are some famous Teachers who have contributed their bit in the world of academics & research:

Teacher is a qualified individual with intensive knowledge in his area of specialization, besides which he manages his department’s research and publications, conduct lectures and seminars in their specialties. Mentoring school students in their academic training is also a major role of a Teacher. He basically guides & shapes the career of students.

Other roles involve tasks depending on the institution, its legacy, protocols, place, and time. In general, teachers at school level takes more than one subjects, whereas in high school level they take specialized subjects. To pay tribute to teachers, different countries around the world celebrate Teachers’ day on different dates.

Teacher is a respectable position not only in the campus but within the society. He sets examples & become inspirations to his students, who idolizes him and seeks guidance in chasing their dreams.