Famous Chess Players

Chess is a two-player board game, played by millions of people worldwide, both amateurs and professionals. The game of chess is mind game & very strategic in nature, every move of the opponent is closely monitored and accordingly counter movements are placed on the 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid.

Chess is also a competitive sport where chess prodigies become Grandmaster after years of intensive practice and study.A Chess player follows a structured program of study and training, usually in a busy schedule two hours of study is quite enough to exercise the players brain. If a player wants to make quick progress 6 hours of study is enough to achieve the brain exercise.

It is not necessary for a Chess player to participate in 5-7 major tournaments in a year to become a part of the international scenario. Former international players and Grandmasters are said to have participated in a single tournament. In order to become a Chess player one must dedicate many hours a day to study and constantly participate in major tournaments. Some Chess players even develop strategies or moves in their dreams. A Chess player has an extremely fantastic memory. Having a partner with the same level of intelligence help to develop their skills in a better manner.

Some Chess players start playing chess as a hobby, as the game involves high level of intellectual skills, which also helps in keeping the mind active and healthy.