Famous People Born On December 24

The people born on 24th December are much different than others in their ethics and principles.. They are optimistic people with a deep sense of loyalty. They do not have any problem in accepting any situations as they respond to them with greater sensitivity. But all is not good with these people as they tend to be naïve and unrealistic during certain times. Celebrity people like Eva Gardener, Charles Hermite, Hamid Karzai and Howard Hughes are born on this date.

  • Lemmy Success Story

    Profile Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister was a singer, musician and song writer of English origin. Lemmy was the founder and the lead singer of Motorhead, the heavy metal band. He was the main song-w...
  • Mary Barra¬†SuccessStory

    Despite being one of the largest automakers in the world, General Motors (GM), the makers of Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, and Wuling, is no stranger to large-scale scandals. Alth...

They tend to be more family oriented, and these people have amagnetic personality. They have the potential to lead, but land up in confusing situations and often end up following someone who is less talented than themselves. They are changeable people and surprise people by their constant changing avatars.

Like the typical Capricorns their health aspect is dependent on their willingness to stay fit and in shape. Since they want to look good, they follow a strict fitness regime. They are endowed with good managerial and money making skills. They are not only blessed with the idea of earning money but plan their finances pretty well too. What more these people are talented in identifying money making opportunities and are keen to take risks associated with it too. They understand the value of money and make sure that they save enough amount of money to meet all expenses.

Their choice of career is dependent on two factors that are work satisfaction and monetary gains. Normally they tend to be satisfied with the work they do; it is some sort of financial motivation that keeps on going. They have proximity to luxury things in life.