Famous People Born On November 22

People born under the date of 22nd November are Sagittarius and they always carry a very wonderful personality .These individuals have a very strong personality trait and they are always on the outlook to have the complete control of the situation. The people with this birth date have a tireless amount of energy and they are being able to create a new aura of energy in the individuals. These personalities have the aura to hold on the individuals and they can always have a greater hold on the situation. Few of the famous personalities born on 22nd November are: Charles De Gaulle (Former president of France); Benjamin Britten( Composer & pianist) ; Endre Ady (poet) and so on.

  • Billie Jean Success Story

    Childhood Billie Jean King was born on November 22, 1943 at Long Beach, California. She attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School and later went to California State University, Los Angeles. She had a powerful physique and started off by playing sports like baseba...

People born on 22nd November are rebellious by nature and then they always have the mind-set to put up forward for the matter that they do not like. The only thing that the people should look forward is that they should be able to hold on to this nature so that they will be able to succeed. Health wise the people ate being able to hold on the situation in a better manner and they are also being able to create the perfect health conditions. They always have a positive mind set and this date born people is self-driven and has a greater ability to hold on for a better way.

George Elliot, an author & novelist was born on 22nd November that happens to be enthusiastic, persuasive and they have the ability to make the people more aggressive and have a better identity for the same as well. People have a strong presence in the field and then they should be able to have greater things that can be better ability for a better understanding for the same. These people have been able to hold on to the environment in a better manner.