Famous People Born in 1932

Astrology associates the characteristics of a person with the timing of his or her birth. According to Chinese astrology, people born in a particular year have the same personality attributes. All the people born in the year 1932 are called monkey people and have personality traits similar to that of the monkey. These people have a charismatic and charming personality, along with inborn intelligence. They have the ability to work out the toughest of problems on their own.

People born in 1932 are full of energy and good cheer and these qualities makes others attracted towards them. They are popular amongst others and get admiration from their family, friends and associates. Curiosity and thirst for learning are the other personality attributes of these people. They are eager to learn new things and also good at retaining all they learn. In relationships, these people show passion but they are not into stability and tend to lose interest quickly and move on to the next one. They enjoy success in careers which require originality and inventiveness.

On the negative side, people who are born in 1932 are highly impatient in nature, particularly when things do not go their way. On the other hand, they are equally quick to cool down. They can be fickle minded and this leads them to rarely complete the projects they take up. When it comes to eating habits, they avoid full meals and would rather go for snacking.

Here are some famous people born in the year 1932: