Famous People Born in 1928

The personality attributes of a person greatly depend upon the time of his or her birth. The time of birth includes not only the exact hour and minute of the birth but also date, month and year. Though the personality traits of people born in a particular year are more likely to be generalized, yet they are seen in most people falling under that birth year. According to the Chinese zodiac, people born in 1928 exhibit dragon personality traits and this one is regarded as the most powerful one in this zodiac.

Like a dragon, the people born in 1928 are hot headed and sharp tongued. Confidence and enthusiasm are some other personality traits of these people and they tend to make the atmosphere charged with energy wherever they go. Honesty and wit make integral part of their character and so do leadership qualities. They may be quick tempered in demeanor, but in their heart of hearts, such people are sensitive and caring. They are determined in action and tend to follow their hearts. Intelligence, courage and resilience are the qualities which bring them success in all their ventures.

In addition to numerous positive qualities, the people who are born in the year 1928 have their share of negative traits too. They can be highly aggressive at times and often speak without thinking. Their sharp tongue and thoughtless words can land them in troubled waters on several occasions.

Here are some famous people who were born in the year 1928: