Famous People Born On October 18

The people born on 18th Oct, as per zodiac sign is Libra. Basically, these people are analytical and logical in nature. They will get into social gathering with others. They will be excited by sharing things with friends and family members. They are highly intelligent and they will be appreciated by others for creative and innovative ideas. They will greatly give importance to family life when compared to professional life.

  • Childhood Martina Navratilova was born on October 18, 1956 at Prague, Czechoslovakia. Her step-father Miroslav Navaratil was her first coach who taught her the basics of the game. Soon she began training rigorously in order to pursue ...

People born on this date will create a good bond with others with positive energy and confident. They are aggressive when the things did not happen as they wish. They are considered as mere responsible person to get things done. They will take more number of responsibilities in their real life. They will keep an eye on health and make them fit at all times. Some of the notable person born on this date and they are: Martina Navratilova, David Consunji, Zac Efron, and Pam Dawber.

They are attractive with their innovative and impressive ideas in a group. They will be solving issues with friends and other family members. They will have tendency to make special day for others. Some of the ideal roles for the people born on 18th Oct and they are: sportsmen, actor, and entrepreneur.