Famous People Born On July 14

People with 14th July as a birth date, come under the zodiac sign cancer and are called Cancerians. Cancer is a sign of water, so people possess traits of sensitivity, caring and generousness. The astrological planet of Cancerians is Mercury that makes people more realistic, fair in approach and has creative thoughts in mind. Cancerians do not like changes rapidly, but they allow changeshappening slowly. Indulging themselves in the welfare of others is their inherent nature. People are very social in nature.

  • Conor McGregor Success Story

    Conor McGregor is a renowned Mixed Martial artist from Ireland who presently competes inUFC featherweight division. The current Interim Featherweight champ is also erstwhile Cage Warriors lightweight & featherweight champion. According to latest UFC rankings, McGregor...
  • Shiv Nadar Success Story

    Coming from a small village in southern India, Shiv Nadar is today one of the reasons that India is a hotspot for Information Technology and computer science in general. He is from Tamil Nadu and is a Hindu by faith. He is the founder and chairman of HCL Technologies, an enter...

Some famous people born on this day are, Shiv Nadar - founder of The HCL, Conor Mcgregor, Jerry Rubin, Matthew Lyon, Yoshiro Mori Adam Jhonson and Naomi Cleaver. They are like the typical Cancerians who are bestowed with inborn abilities, these people fought against the odds of the life and achieved success in their career.

They present themselves witty and fun loving, but actually a serious personality inside. They are often driven by emotions. Mostly they are driven by their emotions and even sometimes their emotions change their logical decisions. People on born this day are very moody and their mood changes rapidly. Eating a diet low is sugar is bound to possess serious health problems for them. They are likely to be concerned about their health and well being a lot. It is bound to make them prone to stress and anxiety.

In career-related matters, people choose fields which are related to social service as nursing, caring and teaching. They are highly intuitive and creative in the work field. When it comes to financial matters, people are very cautious and careful with money. So they try hard for financial security.