Famous People Born On March 13

People born on this date have a generous attitude and are idealistic. Though a fact that needs to be mentioned is that sometimes they find difficulty in accommodating the views of others. They are physically and emotionally strong, coupled with the fact that they are ready to help others. Their biggest challenges are weakness and deception from which they always need to save their back. Adam Clayton, Hugo Wolf, Adam Levine, Alan Davis, Alan Greenspan are some famous people born on this date.

  • Heidi Horten

    Heidi Horten is an Austrian born widow of the billionaire business man Helmut Horten. Sheinherited her wealth upon the death of her husband, founder of the widely popular German department store business, Horten AG. Heidi was born in Austria on 13th February 1941. Sh...

Like the typical Pisces the people born on this date are more interested in a conventional lifestyle and do not pay much attention to diet or any form of exercise. They prefer to eat whatever. On the financial front, these individuals are good to lean upon during the hard times. They require something fairly extraordinary in their career to keep things going and achieve the same over a period. They like to keep things on the emotional front, no matter what is the time and situation. Their sense of adventure makes them pick up new ventures.

They have an extensive social circle of friends, and people born on 13th March are more so as they have a healthy respect for the boundaries of their friends. However, they do maintain a certain emotional distance from their friends. As parents, they have a sound knowledge of imparting education to their children, even though they may understand the fact that they are not perfect. The lucky days of the week for them are Sunday and Thursday.