Famous People Born On May 10

These people fall under the zodiac sign of Taurus. They are pleasant and gentle, but one needs to be careful as when they are pushed to the corner they tend to be vengeful. They live and die by their dreams and aspirations every day. These people will make great friends and will always honor their commitments. Frustration and anger are the two biggest hurdles of these people. On the softer side, they look books and animals.

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Aurel Stodola, Bonn, Carl Albert, Ivan Cankar and Alfred Jodl are famous people born on this date. Like the normal Taurus People born on this date need to pay attention to their health. Avoid foods high in fat content and keep control over your levels of cholesterol. Digestion and sinus problems are common with these people. They are hard working people and anyone who is to employ them is more than lucky to have them. They are not bothered by position and have it in them to go ahead in life. Once they have found the luck, employment, money, position and success will be theirs.

They do well in the field of medicine or teaching. They are also good with finance and money management, and you could consider the position of an accountant or CPA. They are always focused and work on finishing something they have longed for. They are entirely devoted to their family and will go to any extend to keep them happy. When it comes to children, ensure that the communication keeps on happening to avoid any problem in the future.