Famous People Born On May 9

People born on 9th may come under the zodiac sign of Taurus. The astrological planet is Mars for people born on this day in accordance with the day. People are generally honest, warm, open and uncomplicated having true traits of zodiac sign bull. With the influence of Mars often people have a bold, real and energetic approach towards life. Some famous people born on 9th may are Maharana Pratap, John Brown, Billy Joel, Charles Simic and Stefan Quandt.

  • Stefan Quandt Story

    The Germans are known to be most efficient and remarkable in the way they go about their business. That is probably one of the reasons that Stefan Quandt is one of the smartest businessmen to have come out of Germany. Childhood He was born to the rich ind...

A person born on this date is sensitive, artistic and practical in nature. They are patient, full of imagination and possess a high degree of visionary ideas. With their inherent Taurus qualities strength, determination, courage, and boldness people achieved success in their career. People born on this day are brave, unselfish and show great friendliness. They give excellent, sensible and empathic advice to people. They show determination, down to earth behavior and, and are intuitive personalities

In the field of work and career, people reveal their entrepreneur skills, leadership skills and do the things with a lot of enthusiasm. With these qualities, people also manage the financial things better, and it is unlikely for them to face too many problems in money or financial matters. They are effective in budget handling. These people are persistent and patient in nature. They are also good at physical labor though this in no way means that they can take up any desk job. They are true to their professional and are honest on all counts.