Famous People Born On July 8

Persons born on 8th July are referred under the zodiac sign of Cancer having the personality traits of adapting to any situation, responsive in nature, caring towards fellow beings, dependable and loyal in work. To appendage they are funny and very talkative. They always have something to talk on, as they are very curious in nature.

Personalities like Amanda Peterson, Jaden Smith and John. D. Rockefeller who have shined themselves as actress, actor and entrepreneur respectively share the same date of birth of 8th July and same zodiac sign. Their traits of hard working nature and commitment to work have put them on the success path.

Cancer personalities tend to be more people oriented persons loving to talk. When it comes to work or career they are committed and confident decision makers. They feel strong when they receive emotional support and intimacy. Their communication skills are an added advantage to them to be more expressive and in delivering new ideas. Self-pitying and sensitiveness lets down the cancer personalities which can be resolved with minor resolutions. Persons born on this date is a trustworthy and dependable person from a friend’s point of view. Others feel that they are a great source of energy.