Famous People Born On January 8

People born on 8th of January are born under the sunshine of Capricorn and have the ruling planet as Saturn. They always posses a strong personality trait and they can always have a greater idea that a better amount of thing can be achieved with a little and systematic effort. They are by nature honest and friendly and are very resourceful in nature due to the simple trait that they know how to collect knowledge. Some of the famous personalities born on 8th January are: Elvis Presley ; David Bowie ; Stephen Hawkings ; Noah Cyrus and so on.

  • Stephen Hawking Success Story

    One of the greatest scientists living on the planet today, Stephen Hawking needs no introduction. With science geeks and the non-scientific population of the world, he is equally popular, widely known and often compared to scientists like ...
  • John Pemberton Success Story

    Childhood and Early Life John Pemberton was in born 1831 in Crawford County, Georgia. Even as a child, he was interested in chemistry and by the age of nineteen, Pemberton was licensed to practice on botanic principles. Pemberton relied heavily on herbal medicines ...
  • Elvis Presley Success Story

    Childhood Elvis ‘Aaron’ Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi and incidentally his father was four years younger than his mother. He was born on January 8, 1935 along with his identical twin brother. Unfortunately his brother was unable to survive as ...

These people are bit reserved and they take a few time to open up and also to have a greater warmth with the individuals around them. They always carry a balanced personality and are very organized and so posses the quality to do multiple tasks at the same point of time.

People born on 8th January are very result oriented personalities as they how to organize a thing so that they make be able to take out the result from them as well. These people hold the grudges for too long for the simple reason that they are true friends and they have been able to have a greater familiarity for the same as well. Health wise the people will be suffering from some joint pains like knee joints, bone pains, arthritis etc. Their love for spicy food finally ends up in giving a short life span for these individuals.

One of the famous personalities born on 8th January is Boris Vallejo a American born painter that have the identity that need to be created in the same manner . she is the created some beautiful artifacts and they are being created with the general ideas for better understanding of the same.