Famous People Born On May 6

People born on 6th May belong to the sun sign of Taurus. They are kind, delightful and fiery bulls. Their willpower is a dominant characteristic of theirs. They have the gift of gab and can talk out of most situations. Sometimes they can be guilty of those whacky circumstances. But the personality of 6th May people is rational. The charming mannerism earns the support of your family and friends. You are admired for being the go-to person for financial needs or any emotional advice. Some of the famous people who have been born on 6th May are Robert Peary, Tony Blair, John Hutton and Andre Weil.

Friday is the lucky day as it is the day of the planet Venus. It stands for a lucky and productive day that is bound to bring in a lot of happiness. The people born on May 6th people’s horoscope predicts that they have a tendency to be close to their mothers. If a mother is absent than any other women will fill the void. It can have asignificant amount of impact on future relationships.

If you are a parent born on this day, you will be an excellent source of inspiration for your children. You will be faithful to your partnerships on whatever the situation may be. They are not at all in a rush to make the first gesture, and they want a stable as well as thesecure relationship. If the partner is compatible, it will be a romance filled with passion. The only drawback is that people who are born on this date can be a bit selfish.