Famous People Born On December 6

People born on this date come under zodiac sign Sagittarius. The astrological ruling planets for this date are Jupiter and Venus. People born on this date have a unique personality. They have a special and natural trait of effective communication and because of their gift of gab they succeed to convince people. Some famous names born on this date are Max Mueller, Ryan White, John Bradley Holland, Gunnar Myrdal, Stephen John Wright and Stephen Alexander Wright.

  • Andrew Cuomo Success Story

    Andrew Cuomo is a politician from America, hailing from the Democratic Party. He is presently the 56th Governor of New York, elected to the position in the year 2010. He is the son of Mario Cuomo, who also served as the Governor of the same state from 1983 to 1994....
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They are very optimistic about life towards their goals, so they always see the things in a positive way. People born on this date are compassionate,caring and reveal a friendly nature to other people. Equipped with these characteristics people become good friends, are sociable and love to travel. They are soft spoken but sometimes they become selfish and moody and create problematic situations for others.

These people like the typical Sagittarius have a positive attitude towards life. The health concerns of people born on this date are mostly stable. The only cause of concern for people is that they gain weight toward their middle life. They are food freaks and find it very difficult to resist food. So they need to take care of their food habits and include some sort of exercise in their diet regime.

Money does not hold much of a value for people who are born on this date. Having a generous attitude also means that they are not careful about spending. These people make excellent career choices in the field of law.