Famous People Born On December 4

Born with the moon in Sagittarius, the person is always optimistic and always has a positive point of view for everything. They always think in an expansive manner. Sagittarius is also known as the Fire sign. With the moon in the sign the need to be free is very strong and in case they are not able to be free then there is too much of restlessness in the person. Those born on 4th December are known as Sagittarius. Some popular personalities are born on this day – Eduardo Eurnekian, Tyra Lanne Banks and Carlos Gomez.

  • Carlos Gomez Success Story

    One of the best exports from the Dominican Republic in the baseball community is Carlos Gomez. Nicknamed Go-go or CarGo, he is a professional center fielder for the Houston Astros in the Major League Baseball of the United States. He is one of the most decorated Dominican Repu...
  • Eduardo Eurnekian Succes Story

    Eduardo Eurnekian is a highly successful businessman based in Argentina. With a net worth of US $ 1.9 billion, the Armenian businessman is counted among the top wealthiest persons in South America. His widely acclaimed conglomerate, Corporacion America, operated in several fie...

These people believe that the best way to fight out the bad behavior is them is to get into good physical activity or work that involves physical work. They always remain busy and believe in using their brains for the betterment of the society. They are always ready to start a new project. On the career front, they are hard working and focused on whatever they undertake in life. They possess the natural ability to attain success in the field they choose to make their careers. They have the typical quality traits of Sagittarius.

Those who have Sun in Sagittarius are very aggressive, and this aggressive could land them in various problems. It could lead them to become a spoiled brat – this stubbornness remains in their nature, but these people have a very sweet charm which always stays with them. The placing of Sun also brings about firmness in the attitude of the person.