Famous People Born On February 2

People born on the date 2nd of February will have Aquarius as the zodiac sign. The typical characteristics of these people are sensitivity, creativity and innovative by nature. Their intelligent way of exhibiting their independent character makes stand out in a crowd. They are very much stubborn by birth and try to exhibit their thoughts directly. When it comes to relationship, they try to stay close with everybody by looking upon other people’s interests. Some of the famous personalities born on February 2nd are James Joyce, Khushwant Singh, Shakira, Pope Benedict XIII and Havelock Ellis.

  • Shakira Success Story

    Childhood Born in 1977 in Barranquilla, a Colombian port city, Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoli was an only child. Born to parents Nidia Ripoli and William Mebarak Chadid in the then-struggling country of Colombia, Shakira spent her childhood engrossed in the world of...

Their compassionate nature tries to build value relationships with the people. Their deep appreciation for the sense of art and beauty makes them to be widely creative. Lovers of honesty and righteousness, they are keen in looking after their surrounding place without affecting their situation.

While dealing with career and aspects in finance, they evaluate the in-depth details by preparing a schedule on their own instead of working by terms. By provoking meaningful discussions with the people, they look for the practical points in the relationship. Those people will ensure to consume healthy foods with a better work out by placing a well-balanced diet that can make him maintain a robust health indeed.