Famous People From Ukraine

Ukraine is the sixth-largest country in Eastern Europe with Kyiv as its capital. Its official language is Ukrainian, which is an Indo-European language. Ukraine is a social and democratic republic nation. Ukrainian select local and state governments. A constitutional amendment is done through a referendum among citizens. President in this small country is elected for five years by direct vote. Luba Goy and Milla Jovovich are the names of known Ukrainian that comes to the mind straight away. Luba Goy is a standout comedian and one of the stars of the Royal Canadian air force.

Though the country is small but there are many people who are borne on this land and made huge contribution in different sectors at global level. There are people in the areas of Music, Arts, Medical, Technology and Literature who are known for their work. Milla Jovovich is an actress and a famous fashion designer. She has appeared in numerous action and science fiction films of Hollywood. She has won several awards for her role in films of Resident Evil series.

Approximately 40% of Ukrainians treat themselves as antitheist .There are many religions .Three Ukrainians orthodoxdominations in the country in the form of religion are Kyiv Patriarchate, Moscow Patriarchate and Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox. Other people fall into Jews, Protestants and Muslims. Many people are superstitious also.

Under the economic crisis people of Ukraine bound to produce products in the home garden and dachas. People are used to bartering of these products with consumer goods in the market. In the late 90s because of economic reforms, people made food industry as their one of main occupations. People’s other major source of occupation are aircraft plants industry, ship building along with heavy metal industry and building materials.

Ukrainians give more stress to folk healing rather than modern medical science because of their distrust on standard medicines. There are specialized hospitals and research institutions, but folk healing is not ignored. Folk healers include knowledge of natural resources, ancient lore and rituals, prayers, charms for healing the patient.