Famous People From Lebanon

Lebanon is surrounded by Syria in the north and east, by the Mediterranean in the West and by Israel in the South. Beirut is the capital of Lebanon. Mainly Islam and Christianity are the religions in Lebanon. The official language of Lebanon is Arabic. Other than this people speak French, English, and Armenian. In Lebanon, there is no caste system among people. During the war, Lebanon suffered a crisis, so there is a lack of wealth there. As a result, of the same, there are a lot of strikeshappen here.

  • David Nahmad Success Story

    If you are with the impression that art cannot make you a billionaire, then perhaps you have not met David Nahmad. Born in a traditional Jewish family in Lebanon, David’s huge wealth has come through his collection and dealings in fine arts. His collection has the maximu...
  • Bahaa Hariri Success Story

    49-year-old Bahaa Hariri is a successful billionaire from Lebanon. According to Forbes his net worth is US$ 2.3 billion. He is the 810th richest billionaire in the world and the 3rd richest man in Lebanon. His major source of wealth is real estate, invest...
  • Taha Mikati Success Story

    Approximately 70 years old, Taha Mikati is a Lebanese billionaire. He is also the brother of ex-Prime Minister of Lebanon, Najib Mikati, one of the richest people in Lebanon. According to Forbes, Taha is the 534th richest billionaire in the world and the richest man...

  • Najib Mikati Success Story

    Born on the 24th of November 1955 Najib Mikati is a telecom tycoon as well as a Lebanese politician. This self-made billionaire served as the Prime Minister of Lebanon for two terms. ...

All people who live in the cities wear European style clothes. Women in rural and countryside area wear Muslim chador. Unemployment is a big problem here and, according to IMF and other organizations government is unable to provide proper infrastructure. Lebanese people are gathering for concerts and events are held in open-air or historical places. The crime rate is very low in Lebanon as police and conventional forces strictly bring the rule of law into force and people help them formaintaining a lower crime rate.

This small country have a number of experts who offered huge contribution in the field of literature, arts, science, technology and fashion. The name of Khalil Gibran is enough to identify the skill of people in the field of literature and particularly in poems. There are a lot of people who are great admirer of his thoughts and inspired by his work.

Lebanon is a democratic nation consisting a parliament, cabinet, and president. Mostly power is divided along religious lines. The president is head of the system and is a Maronite Catholic, Prime Minister is head of the government and handles cabinet who is a Sunni Muslim, Speaker of the House, and a Shiite Muslim handles parliament passes the bill and elects president.

There are two major political parties in Lebanon. Prime is Syrian Nationalist Party, which is stronger than Phalange Party. Lebanon’s political environment is nepotism oriented. Parties prefer their relatives in the political system. Lebanese civil law is based on French Napoleonic law.