Famous People From Czech Republic

Czech-republic is a small country in central Europe and is a great attraction for a huge number of population. The capital of it Prague is one of the most attractive visited cities in the world. The population of the city is around 10 million. The language spoken here is Czech, and the people are traditionalists and have a strong sense of community. There is a strong sense of music and dance festivals are a common feature. The people are food crazy people and have an intensecraving for the sweet tooth.

The country has a good network of both rail and bus services. The connectivity is in the form of mobile phones and getting connected by fixed landlines, and so the users should keep this in mind.

There are a lot of fields where people from this country has contributed exceptionally. Some of the fields are Science, Technology, Literature, Medical, and Automobile. Gregor Mendel is known for the laws of Mendelian and many of his experiments later on went to establish many laws of heredity. His work only went on to receive accolades in the current century.

Internet services are finding its prominence here, and a testimony to this fact is the number of internet cafes here. The postal services are on the lowside though things have improved a lot. The climate in this country is temperate, but the winters are freezing. However, the summers are hotter. Summer and spring also receive a lot of rainfall. The education for children is compulsory in the age group of 6 to 15 years though preschool education is available that is subject to the certain amount of fees. Students can also opt for vocationalfees. The country has a strict driving policy, and there is zero percent tolerance to drink driving. The football team is one of the most admired ones in the world.